Who we are

The Geneva Disarmament Platform (GDP) is an independent, non-profit association aiming to provide a neutral and dynamic forum of interaction in Geneva for all stakeholders in the field of disarmament. It aims to serve as a focal point for the disarmament community, facilitating cooperation and the sharing of information, where new issues can be explored and where difficult questions can be taken up in a less political and formal setting. It works to enable various actors to be better connected, enhance interaction with non-disarmament actors in Geneva, break silos, and, hence, advance disarmament.

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The GDP aggregates, curates and publishes online information on all disarmament-related events in Geneva and elsewhere, whether official or unofficial, intergovernmental or civil society.


The GDP provides a focus for the disarmament community and acts as a neutral forum for interaction, equally accessible to government and non-government stakeholders. Specifically, the Platform fosters interaction through regular events on current disarmament issues designed to be stimulating, energizing and challenging.


The GDP works to increase sharing, exchange and collaboration across different disarmament activities, using its independent, neutral status to help work around the restrictive mandates of the various disarmament treaties and support bodies. It also actively explores possible links and synergies with activities in areas outside disarmament, including human rights, humanitarian affairs, public health, development assistance, and science and technology.


The GDP supports the development of new international processes and instruments and other measures, by providing a space for interested governments, civil. society organizations and technical experts to discuss, explore, clarify, develop, and build political support for possible new approaches, before attempting to have them taken up in a formal multilateral setting.

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