The Geneva Disarmament Platform is closing down

  • 14 Apr 2020  
  • by  Richard Lennane

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am sad to inform you that after three and a half years of promoting disarmament work and trying to inject new perspectives and working methods into the sector, the Geneva Disarmament Platform will be closing down on 30 April 2020.

Since its launch in October 2016, the GDP has developed and managed an online resource centre compiling information on all disarmament-related events; organized events to enhance expertise and dialogue among actors within and outside the sector; and designed specific activities to raise awareness among a younger audience of disarmament processes and their relevance in addressing global issues. Over the past year, the GDP has focused its work on developing the concept of weapons governance as a subset of global governance and a means of reinvigorating a sector often plagued by a silos mentality and resistance to change. This resulted in the identification of a great set of ideas with interesting potential for development, that we hope will be carried forward.

Unfortunately, like other NGOs in the disarmament field, over the past few months the Platform has faced serious funding challenges. This already difficult situation was compounded by the current global COVID-19 crisis, which made it impossible for the Platform to continue implementing its planned projects. The GDP’s governing Committee therefore made the difficult decision to cease operations.

After 30 April, the GDP will continue to exist as an NGO (a non-profit association under Swiss law) but will have no staff or operations. The website will remain available at least until the end of 2020, but it will no longer be updated. We therefore encourage you to seek other sources of information regarding disarmament activities, such as the Reaching Critical Will and UNODA websites. For those of you that have subscribed to receive GDP monthly newsletters and other online communications, your contacts will be deleted from our database on 30 April, unless you request otherwise.

After that date, and for any GDP-related enquiry, please send an email to: gva.disarm[at] The <name> email addresses will no longer be valid. You can contact me personally at rlennane[at], and Marion Loddo at marion.loddo[at] Job offers welcome!

We would like to thank all of you for your active participation and interest in the work of the Platform. In particular, we are especially grateful to those who collaborated with us on specific events or projects: the permanent missions of Australia, Austria, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Georgia, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa and the United Kingdom; the Global Challenges Foundation, Chatham House, Observer Research Foundation, King’s College London, Harvard Law School’s ACCPI, BASIC, Hiroshima Prefecture, BWC ISU, APMBC ISU, CCM ISU, ATT Secretariat, UNODA, ICRC, UNIDIR, GCSP, GICHD, CISP, QUNO, Reaching Critical Will, DCAF, Small Arms Survey, Control Arms, ICAN, ICBL-CMC, PAX,  SafeGround, METO, Article 36, and the brave volunteers who participated in our disarmament education events for high school students.

We express our deep appreciation and gratitude to our donors, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Global Challenges Foundation, and to the GICHD for its support in hosting us, as well as the warm collaboration and convivial working atmosphere.

While it is sad to say goodbye to the Platform, we hope that you will find that the ideas that have emerged from GDP events and activities will prove useful in your efforts to take forward disarmament and arms control and address current and future challenges and threats to global peace and security.

With best regards,

Richard Lennane

Executive Director

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After 30 April, the GDP will continue to exist as an NGO but will have no staff or operations. The website will remain available at least until the end of 2020, but it will no longer be updated