What’s on in Geneva this week? (10-14 February)

  • 10 Feb 2020  
  • by  Marion Loddo

It is a busy week for disarmament. Without further ado, let’s briefly run through the main events.

The second round of consultation for the elaboration of a political declaration on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas (EWIPA) is taking place on Monday (Palais des Nations, room XXVI). In January, Ireland circulated an Elements paper drawing from interventions made during the first consultation and written submissions received. Participants will examine the following issues: identify problems and challenges posed by EWIPA, legal framework and operational commitments.

The 23rd International Meeting of National Mine Action Programme Directors and UN Advisers will run from 11 to 14 February under the theme “Mine Action for People and Planet: Solutions, Commitments and Action”.

If you are looking for lunch plan for Wednesday? The permanent mission of Kazakhstan, GCSP and SCRAP got you covered with a discussion on Complete and General Disarmament.

The Conference on Disarmament will continue with business as usual, a plenary meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning. This is the last week of discussion under the Algerian presidency.

In New York, the second session of the OEWG on developments in the field of ICTs will take place from 10 to 14 February. While in Vienna, the Scientific and Technical subcommittee of the Committee on the PEaceful Uses of Outer Space is in session until Friday.

On 12 February, the P5 countries will meet in London to discuss their responsibilities under the NPT and expectations for the Review Conference as aprt of the P5 process. The Munich Security Conference is happening on 14-16 February (the MSC annual report which covers  today’s security environment and explores the concept of “Westlessness” was released earlier today). The ICAN Campaign Forum will take place in Paris from 14 to 15 February.

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Hosted by Ireland, the second informal meeting to address the humanitarian impact of EWIPA is taking place on Monday. Photo: ICRC