What’s on in Geneva this week? (27-31 January)

  • 27 Jan 2020  
  • by  Marion Loddo

This week, the Conference on Disarmament continues with business as usual in the Council Chamber. A plenary meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning, the  full schedule of this week’s meetings is available here. To catch up on ‘what happened’ during the opening plenary of the CD, see UNOG press release or , if you feel like it, you may listen to the recordings.

Meanwhile, on Monday, UNOG is hosting a briefing on disarmament trends in the current international context (3.30-5pm, room IX). And on Wednesday and Thursday, ODA and the European Union are holding a seminar on NPT disarmament pillar that will cover the following topics: ways to advance nuclear disarmament; nuclear risk reduction efforts; negative security assurance; P5 process; gender and youth; and mechanisms and initiatives to support the implementation of the treaty.

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On 29-30 January, ODA and the EU are hosting a thematic seminar on NPT pillar 1 (disarmament), the "must-go" event of this week for the Geneva disarmament community. Photo: UN Photo/Rick Bajornas